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Zouhir bendrif

Iā€™m Zouhir Bendrif

A freelance web & mobile UI designer, who also enjoys web development. I'm based in Morocco and have more than 6 years of experience in the design field.

I offer unique designs and various assets for web and mobile layout, including landing pages, different styles according to your needs, search engine optimization, and tailored mobile applications...

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Let's work together, We are good at:

Web Development, Hirzou

Web Development

Your content is important. We build our websites by hand, uniquely designed around your content. This makes them quick to load without all the bloat that comes with 'off-the-shelf' themes or templates.

Web Design, Hirzou

Web Design

We design websites that are visually appealing, easy to use, mobile-friendly and secure. Our websites are quick to load, search engine ready, viewable on any device and can be made so that you can edit the site yourself.

App Design, Hirzou

Logo Design

We focuse on branding and design offering our clients a broad range of creative samples, whether that be logo design, branding, print design, business Cards or the full suite.

UX Research, Hirzou

App Design

The user is more likely to choose the one app with a great interface, a beautiful design and unique set of colors, we help agencies as well as individuals build their own project by providing successful app design.

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